Cosmic Gate

    I also use FL Studio 10   Producer Edition as my standard vst host. It is the simplest in terms of ease of use and also vst compatability. It's the perfect medium for creating wav files for use in Reason.  

"If you’ve never used FL Studio before, you could be forgiven for initially being put off by its rather basic appearance and step-sequencer environment. But anyone who has actually used FL Studio knows that its uncluttered interface belies a potent music-creation tool".
- Music Tech Magazine

"Setting up FL Studio as a REWIRE host to REASON was plain and simple to set up. An instance of the Rewired plugin was added to the project, and then clicking on the ‘Show panel’ button from the plugin window launched Reason, which was automatically rewired to FL Studio".

- Future

FL Studio 8 can connect directly with Reason via Rewire!


New music from Dub01

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Title : Cafe breeze

Artist : Velvet Skye

Date : 1/04/2007


Title : Standing In The Water

Artist : Velvet Skye

Date : 12/20/2007