Aged Footers

  • A nice set of aged footers for that realistic look. Each footer has it's own built in mount for supports. Also now has 2-way recolorable parts.

Decorative Landscape Walls

  • This nice set will definitely add beauty to any park. These were designed after real walls used to landscape houses and apts. This can also be used as a nice border around your elaborate garden. This new version features all new diagonal pieces as well as many new upgrades!


  • This is a special set used for measuring other objects in Rct3. It is especially usefull for making custom scenery to add to another's set. These are the updated version of my old ruler set. These now feature a texture rather than each number and line having its own face. These are also now double sided and feature offset versions.

Gazebo and Rocks

  • What could be better than an old stone gazebo surrounded by a beautiful stone wall accompanied by well aged rocks? Nothing! Which makes this set unique and will add detail and beauty to any park. This new version has been completely redone from the ground up. Now contains many more rocks and some minor fixes on the gazebo.

Halo Vehicles

  • This is a set of vehicles from the game series "Halo". It's perfect for any Halo themed park or Sci fi theme as well. This includes my Halo Ghost ctr!

New Mombasa Buildings 1.1

  • A perfect way to re-create the City of New Mombasa, most of these buildings are directly from the game Halo 2. Others have been designed after Halo 2 and 3 buildings.

Sci-fi Theme

  • Version 1.1 Contains everything you need to create that perfect Sci-fi backdrop for your rides. You'll even find some familiar objects and textures in this set.

Sci-Fi Theme 2

  • This is the sequel to Sci-Fi Theme One. It's features many new types of pieces. Some of these are pieces that "glow" day or night and some even resemble holograms. With this new set your sure to be able to create that perfect Sc-fi backdrop for your rides.

Space Port

  • Create the perfect Space station with extensive assortment of items within this set.

Animated Ride Event Doors 1.1

  • A set of animated doors for ride events. Many types of doors with many types of movements

Prisoner of Azkaban 1.1

  • A set of various components to go along with your next Harry Potter themed ride or park.

Boulder's and Brush v 1.3

  • Possibly my most widely used and popular set. You can create a more realistic terrain with these various boulders, branches and plants and stumps.

Into the Sewer

  • If you've ever wanted to take your guests through a rotten sewer now you can. This set contains an abundant collection of pipes, tunnels, floors and a bunch of other pieces perfect for creating an underground sewer.

Path Enhancement

  • This set includes many terrain conforming path covers as well as edges, railings and terrain covers perfect for any custom path work in your next park.

Stairs 1.1

  • Made to compliment my Path Enhancement set, this versatile set features many types of stairs that can be mixed and matched to your liking.

Mag-Lev Track Covers

  • These are a set of track covers to go with my mag-lev ctr.

Stone Creations Vol.1

  • A set of various rock shapes to compliment your rides.

Stone Creations Vol.2

  • A set of various rock shapes to compliment your rides.

Stone Creations Vol.3

  • A set of various rock shapes to compliment your rides.

Rustic Walls V 1.1

  • A set of rustic walls styled to go with Shyguys Catfish Cove set. There are many sizes and diagonal pieces.

Traditional Roofs V 1.1

  • A set of roofs styled to go with Shyguys Catfish Cove set and my Rustic Walls set. There are many sizes and diagonal pieces.

Trees Mega Pack

  • Lots of various trees and plants to suit all of your foliage needs. These objects were not modeled by me, just imported.

Post and Beam

  • A set of many wooden pieces used to create classic post and beam construction.

Intamin Mini Supports

  • This is primarily designed to construct Intamin style mini coasters although you'll find other uses.

Miscellaneuos Objects 1

  • Just some miscellaneous odds and ends for use in your parks.

Miscellaneuos Objects 2

  • Just some more miscellaneous odds and ends for use in your parks.

Deep Caverns

  • Venture into the deep underground and explore new wonders.

Prison Walls

  • This set contains pieces suitable for creating a prison environment including walls, bars, and lights.

Landscape Planters

  • A set of walls, benches and dirt covers to create beautiful landscaped sitting areas.

Ultimate Adventure Set

  • Create a ruined environment complete with walls, floor, torches, columns and other goodies I'm sure you'll find useful.

Canyon Craze

  • A set of various massive cliffs to create large canyons.

Large Rocks

  • This set contains 12 different varieties in 8 different textures of very large rocks or boulders.

Rusty Pipes

  • Meant to compliment my Sewer theme, this set features rusted pipes and flanges that you can easily connect to create a large network of plumbing.

Mysterious Plants

  • Originally designed for my Sci-fi competetion, this set of other-worldly flora can be used for your next sci-fi experiment gone bad.

Construction vehicles

  • This is a set of new construction vehicles for your park available in many different postions.

Medium Rocks

  • A set of medium rocks to accompany my set "Large Rocks" Features all new rock styles and 9 new textures plus one from the large Rocks set.