MGP Arctica Station

  • A high Tech theme with lots of pieces and versatility. A must have for any futuristic or sci-fi based project.

MGP Barns

  • This nice set contains all the pieces needed to add a farm theme to your park.

MGP Barns2009

  • This is an expansion of Barns above. Contains a lot more peices.

MGP Bells

  • A set of nice animated bells.
    Updated: 02/15/10

MGP Black Walls

  • Black walls used mainly for dark rides.

MGP Brickset

  • Nice dark colored bricks for any purpose.

MGP Carnival Concessions

  • With this set you can add carnival realism to your park. Contains various concessions that resemble the real thing!

MGP Casino Games Beta

  • Do you like gambling? Well your peeps will get to with this realistic set including various slot machines and wood panels to recreate that old time gambling hall.

MGP Curve Billboards

  • A very flexible Billboard set complete with Curved, large and street sign billboards.

MGP Grass

  • Custom grass is something we haven't seen in Rct3 until now! Featuring 3 different heights as well a as being recolorable, this set adds an all new level of realism for Rct3!

MGP HeavyMetal

  • This is another high tech sci-fi set which is a perfect compliment to Arctica Station.

MGP Hedges

  • With this set you can create that perfect hedge maze.

MGP LightSupports

  • This is a set designed to be used as portable ride supports found on carnival rides.

MGP Mart Walls (Beta)

  • Not only can you create a beautiful Wall-Mart store but these pieces are versatile enough for any project. Featuring beautiful brick and glass textures along with various walls, doors, columns, roofs and planters, this set is sure to compliment any park!

MGP MexiStyle

  • Now you can recreate that small Mexican village with this unique set.

MGP MiningCo.

  • A perfect Mine ride themed set.

MGP PowerPanels

  • Add more realism with these nicely crafted power panels.

MGP Theater

  • If you wanting to create a realistic theater then do so with these recolorable theater marquees!

MGP Washout

  • A perfect whitewashed set of wooden coaster supports.

MGP Woodie

  • Another great set of realistic wooden coaster supports.

Terra Temple

  • Recreate an ancient temple with this nice set. Perfect for dark rides!

Terra Vines

  • A set of vines made to compliment Terra Temple. These will definitely give your scenery that perfect aged look.