• Halo Ghost
    996 kb

    A ctr designed after the Halo Ghost vehicle from the very popular Halo game series.

  • Aqua Diver
    775 kb

    This ctr is an 8 seat dive machine designed after the Griffon at Busch Gardens.

  • Generic Diver
    337 kb

    A generic recolorable version of the Aqua Diver.

  • Camera Car
    648 kb

    A ctr great for recording videos.

  • Twist Giga
    2.6 MB

    A tropical themed giga ctr.

  • Generic Giga
    2.5 MB

    A generic giga ctr.

  • Kiddie Coaster
    1.6 MB

    A ctr for the little ones in your park.

  • Detox
    2.6 MB

    A spinning ctr with an industrial sci-fi theme.

  • Evo-X
    1.3 MB

    The next evolution in ctr design. Featuring a B&M style chasis, racing sports car looks.

  • Drop Zone
    1.2 MB

    An inverted ctr featuring 3 choices of cars and recolorable textures.

  • El Loco
    240 kb

    A recreation of the El Loco coaster. This ctr features unique animated restraints.

  • Mag Lev Train
    3.3 MB

    A full size mag-lev style train with a sci-fi theme.

  • Pimped Hog
    375 kb

    An imported civilian Hog form the popular game series Halo. This ctr features custom animated wheels and unlit textures.

  • Candy Cane Express
    552 kb

    A Christmas train made with custom textures perfect for the Holidays!