Cosmic Gate

Eastern Explorations Download

This moderate Refill is comprised of high quality 44.1khz 16 bit wav samples. Featuring 72 Nn19 patches containing pads, percs, strings and wind instruments. This is the perfect Refill to take with you on your next Eastern voyage!

file size - 5.89MB

Dreamstate Download

This awesome pad Refill has been designed with the ambient artist in mind. It contains 50 lush pads in Combinator format, 99 exotic Atmos/Textures in NN19 format, and 120 Arps/Sequences in Rex2 format. You will be amazed at the stunning sound quality and the ethereal bliss that this Refill will instantly transport you to.

Each preset was sampled at 48khz from various external sources. This Refill is like adding a whole new instrument to your Reason arsenal and it plays beautifully! No other Refill even comes close.

file size - 230MB

Electro Drums Download

This excellent Refill contains over 450 high quality samples in 12 drumkits! The moment you strike the keys, you will be amazed at the sounds your hearing. Featuring some of the hottest and freshest sounds today, this Refill is good enough to fit in with any "Pro" studio application but has been made available to you for free!

This is not just another "drum" Refill either. The quality of the sounds are unlike anything you can find in a free Refill. I'd even say that this is better sounding than most Commercial Refills! Each sound has it's own proccessing so there is no need to proccess any further.

The sounds are designed primarily for todays electronic musicians. This is glitchy electro goodness at it's best! I'm absolutely sure that this high quality instrument will find it's place among your favorite Refills!

file size - 60.2MB

Smash FX Download

Do you feel like creating a Smash Hit? This Refill features sounds and samples that have been heard in many smash hits over the years and contains various fx, hits, percs and even some instruments. This Refill comes in kit form and has 38 NN19 patches, 3 NNXT patches and 2 Redrum Kits. That amounts to 204 high quality samples.

file size - 82.7MB

Cosmic Gate Download

This "Cosmic" Refill features various spacey sounds to illuminate your imagination. Each high quality patch has been sampled from various vst softsynths and guarantees to be a pleaser. There are basses, leads, fx, pads and arps. There are 41 NN19 patches and 20 Rex2 patches. So grab this great Refill today and start making great music!

file size - 21.1MB

Psy-Fi Textures Download

Do you like Sci-Fi movies? Well this Refill will remind you of some of your favorites. Featuring 46 Combinator patches using the Subtractor as it's core! Playing these sounds will instantly warp you to any place in space(so be carefull!). And on your journey you will see aliens planning their next attack, satellites will buzz past you nearly missing the side of your ship! So if you wish to take part in this extraterrestrial voyage than grab this Refill today!

file size - 104kb

Legendary Trance Download

If your ready to begin making slamming trance tracks then this Refill is for you! Featuring 87 multisampled NNXT patches comprised of basses, leads, fx, pads and more! In addition there are 40 Arps in Rex format as well as 20 kicks, 20 claps, and 22 Hihats for use in either ReDrum or the NN19 samplers. This Refill has everything you need to create any style trance song that you can imagine! So grab this great Refill today and let the trance begin!

file size - 524MB

Manic Rex Download

This small Refill is ideal for those of you who need a quick beat. Featuring 21 Rex patches containing basses, fx's, glitches and drums. This is the perfect compliment to your rhythm colection!

file size - 5.89MB